Portland Brewery Tour: Discover Some Of The Best Beer (And Coffee) In Portland

Ah Portland, a city that loves caffeine and alcohol almost as much as it loves cycling and the Timbers.  Maybe more. To lend a little credibility to that statement, consider this: there are over 80 breweries in the… Read More


Portland Mansion: A Grueling, Beautiful Bike Ride To Portland’s Historic Pittock Mansion

High in the wooded neighborhood of Hillside sits a historic mansion. From this historic mansion there’s a breathtaking view. You might think that any Portland panorama this spectacular would have long since been monopolized by a wealthy city… Read More


24 Hours In Portland: A Must See Bike Ride In The City Of Roses

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Portland Pedestrian Bridge: Biking The Waterfront Park Trail To Tilikum Crossing

If you’ve ever been to Portland, you know there’s one thing its residents prize more than their artisan coffee and small-batch alcohol: namely, the city’s bridges. From the beauty of the St. John’s to the history of the… Read More


Eastbank Esplanade: Portland’s Can’t Miss Waterfront Bike Trail To The Springwater Corridor

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Rocky Butte: A Bike Ride Up The Volcanoes Of East Portland

There are volcanoes in the city of Portland. It’s true: four of them, to be exact. They make up part of an extensive network of 32 shield volcanoes and lava cones stretching from Oregon to southwest Washington. Interestingly,… Read More


Kelley Point Park: A Bike Ride To Portland’s Hidden Northern Beach

Roughly 10 miles northwest of the Pearl District, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, sits one of Portland’s most secluded public beaches. Yes, you read that correctly. Though they may not offer miles of golden… Read More


Valencia Street San Francisco: Biking The Mission To Market Street

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Embarcadero SF: A Bike Ride Along The San Francisco Bay Trail

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Bike The Bay: A Must-See One Day Cycling Tour In San Francisco

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