A Ride When You Need One

Find a bike, skis or snowboard to ride in your size and style. And meet cool people while you're doing it.

Step 1


Search for a Ride

Use our search page to find the bike, skis or snowboard of your size and style by zip, address, or city.

Step 2


Reserve your Ride

Choose the time and date of your reservation and then message the owner with any questions.

Step 3


Pick it up and Ride

As soon as the lister accepts your request, confirm by adding your payment info. Handle any final details through our messaging system and pick up your bike, surfboard, or snowboard. Have fun riding!

Rental Tips

A few pointers on how to make the most of your bike, surfboard, or snowboard rental


Be Friendly

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the best restaurants in town or the best places to ride.


Be Flexible

Whether it's the timing or the pick up location of the rental, remember to be flexible. It makes it a lot more fun.


Keep the Ride Safe

The bike is your responsibility while you're renting it. Lock it up securely and keep it inside when possible. Better safe than sorry!


Be on Time

Spinlister depends on meeting up in the real world, which is a lot easier when everyone's on time or a little early.


Send a Message to the Lister

If you have any questions about the bike or the listing, request the bike and just message the Lister from the bike page. They should be able to help.


Verify your Accounts

Listers prefer renting to people who have verified their account with Facebook and Twitter.


Read and Leave Reviews

Reviews provide a level of security on our system. Reading reviews will give you a good idea of which bikes are best to rent and which people are best to rent from.

Following your bike rental, leave an honest review for the Lister and their bike. It'll help the next renter who comes along to find their dream ride and a great experience along with it.

Sign Up for Free

If you have any questions about the bike or the listing, request the bike and just message the Lister from the bike page. They should be able to help.

Common Renter Questions

Feel free to email us if you still have questions.

What if I get a flat tire?

Spinlister can recommend repair shops in every active city that will fix any bike problems. It is your responsibility to return the bicycle in great shape to avoid additional charges and receiving a negative review.

What if I want a bike for the weekend but I have nowhere to keep the bike overnight?

Renting a bike with same-day return may be your best option. If you are comfortable locking the bike outside that is fine but you are responsible for the safety of the bicycle.

What if the bike gets stolen while I'm renting it?

Notify Spinlister right away. We will work with you to determine the best course of action. Remember the bike is your full responsibility while renting it and it may be found that you need to pay to replace the bike. We think that if you were borrowing a bike from a friend you would be similarly responsible.

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