The Blue Monstrosity (cargo cadillac)
Cargo // 5' 7" to 5' 11"
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The Blue Monstrosity (cargo cadillac)

Bike Details


He's loooong, and he's strooong, and he's down to get the hauling on.

The Yuba Mundo V1 is built on a super heavy-duty steel frame, so it's just perfect for carrying really heavy stuff (or lots of lighter stuff). On this solid steed you can carry your date home AND their wingman/wingwoman too, which is only polite.


The mechanical condition of the Blue Monstrosity is super awesome, and all of the components look pretty fine. This bike is used daily to haul people and parcels, so the frame has its share of little paint scuffs.

The saddle was recently replaced with a sprung leather Brooks B-67, which is a wider model, more comfy for longer, slower rides. I need to update the photo here to show the new saddle.

Additional Info

It’s heavy, but it’s really sturdy. The much lighter Xtra-cycle bikes tend to flex a lot with heavier loads, but this super-rigid frame does not. How did I bring my dining room table home from RERUN? On the freaking Blue Monstrosity, that's how. With the table strapped onto one side platform, and room left on the other side for another table (note: there was not another table.)

We gracefully cart home the weekly groceries for my family of five with this VW bus of a bike--that's six to eight grocery bags, ma'am.

During the day, it's parked right across from the MAX light rail, next to the Lloyd Center Mall, so if you're arriving from the airport, you can strap your suitcases--or steamer trunks--to this bike and roll on over to your hotel. I'll include the straps. Evenings, it's parked at home, just a mile north of there, so I can easily meet you.

The Yuba Mundo V1 is meant to be a one-size-fits-all frame, with about 14 inches of adjustable height in the seat post. But this bike has a custom setup with straight-across handlebars and a long stem, and that creates a more forward-leaning posture, so you should probably be at least 5'7" tall to ride this ride. I'm six feet tall, and I ride it daily. It can fit a rider up to about 6'4". Granted, my 80-pound 4'10" sixth-grader pedals this bike around the blacktop at school, just to show off, but his butt can't reach the seat, and he looks like Toonces the driving cat while he's doing it.

It's a six-speed, with NO super low gears for steep hill climbing, so I do NOT recommend trying to haul a load up to the Timberline Lodge, or even up the steeper segments of the Alberta Ridge :)

If requested, I'll attach the two huge OEM cargo bags, called Yuba Go Getters. Each one is capable of carrying two large grocery bags compactly enclosed, or four grocery bags in each, with the cover flap securely strapped over the top.

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The Blue Monstrosity (cargo cadillac)